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  • Our tour guides are all of high-quality and are totally committed to provide satisfactory tours; therefore, AccessChinaTravel’s tour guides are all highly recognized, experienced and warm. They are all dedicated to meeting customers’ every demand and exceeding their expectations.
    • Linda Wang

    • Hello?I am Linda Wang, I am from Linggui, a beautiful small county with a lots of mountains, located outside of Guilin. It used to be a poor place, but it has been developing quite quickly and has become a part of Guilin district. It is 40 minutes from my work to my parents’ home, but I choose to live near my company. I love my job; I am a Travel Consultant at Access China Travel. I love traveling; I am a huge fan to the tourism TV program “Discover”. Do you like it also?

      Susan Liu

    • Ni Hao, my name is Susan Liu, My parents are from Hengshan, a city from Hunan province, and I was born there too. When I was little, my parents moved to Guilin and decided to live here. Guilin is really attractive place for living. My parents used to travel a lot and bring me together. I feel very lucky I had chances to do that. I still travel a lot when my company gave me holidays. So when you would like to share your tour with me, you are always welcome.


    • Hello, I am George, from the north of China, being a tourist guide for 3 years already. Because my work, I knew a lot friends who were used to be my customers, my customers always enjoyed the journey with my company, and I got a lot fun from my job too. I am a fan of backpack; I like traveling around by myself and get to know people everywhere. China is beautiful and interesting, I wish I could show you around like a host.


    • Hi, my name is Cindy. I am from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province. I get married in Guilin and live here now. The weather in Nanning is too hot and Nanning is too crowed, I like Guilin more, the environment is nicer and it is more peaceful. I like traveling, dancing and singing. I always perform on the stage when our company annual staff party was held.


    • Hello, I am Laura, from Xing ping, an ancient town with a history of more than 1300 years. In Yangshuo county Guilin city. I graduated from Guilin Electronic and Science University, and my major was accounting. I am working in the financial department of Access China travel. People think dealing with the number is boring, but I found it very interesting. I like hiking and joined several hiking group in Guilin. Do you also like hiking? Hope we can share the exciting experience one day.


    • Hi, my name is Tina, I come from Longsheng, in the north of Guilin. I am a minority people, my nationality is Dong. Longji Terrace field is a famous attraction in Longsheng, many tourist people go there and shocked by its pretty. After I finish my college in Xi'an International Studies University, I came back Guilin and work as sales person in Access China travel. I am smart and like challenge and have a lot passion on my work.


    • Hallo, I am Lily; I am a local here in Guilin. My parents are farmers and they still grow rice in countryside. They like living there as the air is fresh, landscape is nice, and the whole village is their neighbors, they visit each other everyday. I love that kind of environment too, but I prefer to work in the city. I am in Charge of the room bookings in ACT. My company is nice to employee, they organize us to travel and pay for us once a year, also many staff activities. I have been working here for many years and would like to continue working here.

      Anna Chen

    • Hi, I am Anna Chen, lived here in Guilin since I was born. I married a Guilin man and we have a cute daughter. Guilin is my favorite place in China. Here it is small but very beautiful. I have been working in Access China Travel for 6years, and get along with my colleagues very well.


    • Hello, you can call me Wendy. I am from Guilin, graduate from Guangxi University. I am tourist guide In Access China travel; I like showing people around and find my job very interesting. I hope one day I could be your tourist guide.


    • Hi, I am Tina from Access China travel. My hometown is Yangshuo, known as it breathtaking landscape. When people visit Guilin, Yangshuo must be a place they should go. Many of my guests told me they envy me as a Yangshuo person. I like to be tourist guide; I can show my guests the pretty attractions and enjoyed myself too.


    • Hi, my name is Roger, an experienced English tourist guide from Access China travel. I think I am Hospitality, open minded and happy person. I like traveling, that is why I choose to be tourist guide. I am guiding my clients not only in Guilin, also be a tour leader to other cities. Maybe one day, I could get your good praise because my good service for your tour.


    • I am LENA, lovely and energetic girl. After graduation from Guilin Institution of Tourism, I have been a tour guide in Guilin for 2 years. During those 2 years, I had been to almost wonderful scenic spots in Guilin. 2 years working 2 years enjoying natural and life! Well, if you love natural, if you want to find something interesting, if you want to make new friends, come to Guilin. I hope one day we will meet in Guilin and we will be friends.


    • My name is Lisa Liu; I am from Longyan, a city of Fujian Province. I graduated from XiaMen University. When I traveled to Guilin 2 years ago, I was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery and nice people, and so I decided to stay. Right now I am a professional web designer. I love my job and enjoy my life; I hope I could share my happiness with you by showing you around China via our web.

      Tian Luping

    • My name is Tian Luping, you can call me Lulu. I graduated from Guilin Institute of Tourism in 2006. I started to be a Guilin local guide in 2005. Thanks to my job, I have a good opportunity for communicating with you from different countries in the world. Guilin enjoy the reputation that – the landscape in Guilin, the best under the heaven. Nevertheless, if you want to get something true out of it you cannot but go experiencing it yourself, and you are advised not to lose the chance maybe only once of a lifetime.

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