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Recommended China Tours 2016 by Our Clients

10-day Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai China Essence Tour


10-day Shanghai Suzhou Huangshan Tour

ShanghaiSuzhouHuangshanHong Kong

12-day Family China Yangtze Cruise Tour

BeijingXianChongqingYangtze SuzhouShanghai

14-day Best China Panda Tour


14-day China Kung Fu Panda Tour

Hong KongGuilinLongshengChengduXianLuoyangShanghai

15-day Ancient China Culture Journey


15-day China Tibet Impression Tour


17-day Classic China & Mountain Huangshan Tour


15-day Splendor Tour of China Wonders

GuangzhouZhangjiajieChengduJiuzhaigou XianBeijing

17-day Golden China & Silk Road Xinjiang Tour

ShanghaiXianLanzhouJiayuguan DunhuangTurpanUrumqiKashgarBeijing

17-day China Sichuan Tibet Memory Tour


18-day Landscape Treasure Tour of China

Hong KongGuilinYangshuoKunmingLijiangChengduXianShanghai

What our Clients Say

Review from:Pam Griffith
Country: United States

Excellent introduction to Shanghai & China. Well organized (except for the rain) and very friendly relaxed atmosphere. Guide Superb. Can not say how...More