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Our Promises

Access China Travel aims to be the best gateway for all the "Laowai" (world-wide visitors) to Find your China Interests, Create Your Way, See More Facts, Understand Real China. As you need, we devote to offer quality and valuable travel service & tour operation beyond the money. With passion, we lead you through China's wonderful landscape, long history and magic culture.

Tour Price

We promise that we offer the most reasonable price in every quotation and never cheat customers; if you find our price is higher than other tour operators, compare the details in hotels, tour guide and itinerary; we arrange these to ensure the comfort and ease of your China tours.

Sometimes we make no profit or even bear the lost by ourselves because we never forgot that we are not only your tour guide but also your friends in China, nothing is more important than a friend's smile.

Services before and During the Tour

We cheap every questions and enquiry equally, and will email back promptly with high attention even it is a question about China. Professional tour suggestions will be offered when building the travel itinerary and your every question will be answered patiently and accurately.

Our professional Guide and driver will do their best to create safe, comfortable China tours during the tour; please feel free to contact the Guide or travel expert when there's en emergency during the journey.

Payment Flexibility

Upon confirmation your tour itinerary, deposit /pre-booking fees is needed so that we can transportation and accommodation booking etc, which need to be paid before customer arrival.

We can even accept part/total payment on cash based on the customers' travel duration and the urgent level of their tour date. Last minute booking is available and helps more people to visit China with more safety and satisfaction.

Tour Flexibility

When on the China tour, you can require adjusting the itinerary, guide or hotels if you don't satisfy them; or due to the force majeure, some sites will be replaced by other activities or cancelled then.

We promise to finish every detail on our final confirmation letters; reasonable charges will be made if force majeure happens.

Tour Guides and Drivers

Our tour guides are professional trained with qualifications issued by Travel Bureau of China; Drivers are kind and experienced in their fields. Former guests or their recommending friends with Access China Travel can even choose the same tour guide for their second trip in China.

The guides and drivers are local expert some information could be offered then. We will never force customer to do shopping and will always help them to bring back the most worthy and memorable souvenirs. If you think they do a bad job, don't hesitate to contact the travel expert for help.

After Tour

We promise that we will keep the detailed information of every customer confidential, and won't reveal their information to third party or for other uses. Customer will get bigger discount if they or any friends of them wish to travel to China with us.

Why Trust Us

  • Expert Tour Operator
  • Prompt Customer Support
  • Tailor-made on your Requirement
  • No Mandatory Shopping
  • Real Care, Safe Escort
  • Serve 100,000 Clients Yearly

What our Clients Say

Review from:Klaus Koennecke
Country: Germany

Dear Alina,


now that our tour along the Chinese Silk Road is over for approx. 1 month it’s due time to thank you very much...More