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Sui Dynasty

Started from 581 and ended in 618, the Sui Dynasty only lasted for 38 years. However, it reunited the country in 589 AD after nearly four centuries of political fragmentation. The Sui brought China together again and set up many institutions that were to be adopted by their successors.

Although a short-lived dynasty, its accomplishments were many and important. For example, the important section of the Great Wall was restored during this period. The Grand Canal was also established. It is more than 2.5 miles long, and functioned as the main artery in the Nation's transportation. It played an important role in connecting and promoting economic and cultural exchanges between northern and southern areas.

In order to develop the Nation's economy, a series of land reform policies such as Zutiao System (tax moderation) and Juntian System (equal division of farmlands), were carried out, thus promoted the crop yield and increased the Nation's fiscal revenue.

A new political system - Three Departments and Six Ministries was officially established. It enhanced royal power and elaborated work division in the court. Also, the method of selecting talent was thoroughly overhauled by replacing the traditional Hierarchical System with the Imperial Examination System. This made a profound impact on the selection of talent in Chinese history.

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