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Guangzhou Shopping

Guangzhou is a fantastic place to go shopping. There are many wonderful shopping districts and each one offer completely unique items for sale. Different visitors to Guangzhou go to different shopping areas depending on their interests.

Beijing Street
Located in the center of Guangzhou, Beijing Street is known for its fashionable and modern shopping environment. The street is lined with name brand boutiques, restaurants, and bars. It is a very popular place with the younger crowd.

Shangxia Jiu Street
The first commercial pedestrian shopping street in Guangzhou, Shangxia JiuLu has hundreds of stores and is known for its restaurants and tea shops. The road is lined with traditional buildings which add a lot to the traditional

Beijing Street
Juanlin Jade Market

Hualin Jade Street
Located on Xia Jiu Street, the Jualin Jade Street is lined with shops selling jade and jewelry.
The street has been the center of Guangzhou’s jade retail since the Qing Dynasty. Jade Jewelry
and carvings of uncountable varieties are available here.

Wende Calligraphy and Painting Street
Neighboring Beijing Street is the Wende Calligraphy and Painting Street. It is a fantastic
place to buy original Chinese artwork. The shops are filled with wonderful works of art,
both traditional and contemporary.

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