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National Emblem of China

National emblem of the People's Republic of China is the symbol of sovereignty of China. It contains the national flag of the People's Republic of China, Tiananmen, gear wheel and ears of grain. Tiananmen is under the light of five stars and they are encircled by ears of grain and with a gear wheel below.

The design of the national emblem of the People's Republic of China is published by the Central People's Government on September 20, 1950. The five stars mean the unity of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It is Tiananmen where the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China was held. The ears of grain and gear wheel represent the peasantry and working class respectively. The whole national emblem shows that People's Republic of China is a socialist state led by the working class and based on the workers-peasants alliance.

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