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Things To Do On Yangtze Cruise

Besides the incredible scenery and excursion sites, each Yangtze River Cruise has a lot of entertaining onboard activities to ensure that there is never a dull moment. The entertainment is included in the ticket price. Each ship and each cruise is unique and so are the entertainment options. Below is a list of some that are available.

Nightly Entertainment:
Passengers onboard any one of Presidential Cruises’ ships can enjoy nightly entertainment. Shows featuring Chinese singing, dancing, and music are put on by the crew. The shows are very well produced and visitors never fail to be impressed by the talent of the crew. There will be a cabaret where guests are encouraged to perform along with the crew.

Fashion Shows:
You crew will present for you the fashions of China. Modeling clothing styles from the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) to present day, these fashion shows will show you the beauty and sophistication of China’s ancient fashions. You will also see Ethnic Minority costumes from around China.

Onboard Performance
Taiqi On Deck

Feature Films:
Every day Feature Films from Hollywood and beyond will be presented on the television in your cabin.

Lectures on Chinese Culture and History:
These lectures are entertaining as well as educational and many of them are hands on. There are lectures on Chinese painting and calligraphy, the Chinese language, Chinese medicine, Chinese history, Chinese culture, the Three Gorges Dam, and also a class where you will learn how to make Jiaozi (dumplings), which are a traditional food of the north of China.

Tai Chi Chuan:
Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts developed in China. It is a smooth and graceful style which helps promote mental clarity, a healthy body, and balance. The classes are held each morning. It is a fantastic way to begin the day.

Tea Ceremony:
The ancient Chinese Tea Ceremony is a wonderful experience. It is an ancient culture that people can still enjoy today. You will learn the intricacies of the ceremony along with the different types of Chinese Tea.

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