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Food & Restaurants in Harbin

Though unlisted in the Chinese Eight Cuisines, Harbin cuisine still has its own specialties thanks to its special geographical position and long history. Local cuisine of Manchu mixes with Shandong Cuisine and exotic Russian cuisine, to give the important components of the existent Harbin cuisine, even the Heilongjiang cuisine. Like the warm hearted and straight forward locals, the local dishes tend to feature hot and dense, strong flavors. Even then the original flavor is still maintained as few spices are used.

Based on traditional cooking skills and local materials, a series of famous banquets was invented by the locals people. Of the banquets the most well known is the Fly Dragon Banquet, best prepared by Harbin International Restaurant. The others include Mountain Delicacies and Wild Delight Banquet, Hedgehog Fungus Banquet and Flavor of North China.

What to eat
It should be mentioned that the locals also prefer fresh vegetables eaten cold with soy sauce or dipped in sauce. Flour based foods and rice are the daily staples of locals. Among them, dumplings are considered to be the predominant. Approximately ten kinds of dumplings with different stuffing can be sampled here. We recommend the Dongfang Jiaozi Wang (the king of eastern dumplings).
Special dumplings: sanxian dumpling; celery pork dumpling; dumpling stuffed with pork, nut kernels and corns; dumpling stuffed with fried beef; cabbage pork dumpling
More delicous dishes: Fried Pork in Scoop, sanxian dumpling, Madieer Popsicle, Harbin beer, Candied haws on a stick,

Where to eat
The Central Street and Huanghe Road are bustling gathering places for dining or good foods in Harbin.

Lao Chu Jia Restaurant
Good Choice for authentic Northeastern food. The specialties are a Stewed Pork Ball (Stewed Lion Head), Fried Pork in Scoop, Smoked and Boiled Duck with Spices
Average cost: CNY30-50 per person
Address: NO. 43 Garden Street, Nangang District
Laochang Spring Pancake
Specialties are Smoked Pork, Stir-fried Photo Shredded, sauteed Egg, Spicy Shredded Pork
Average cost: CNY30 per person
Address: NO. 178 Central Street, Daoli District

Lao Du Yi Chu Dumpling Restaurant
Another time-honored local dumpling restaurant, it’s reasonable price is also attractive.
Average cost: CNY35 per person. But, please expect too high on this service!
Address: No.25, Xishisandao Jie, Dao Li District

Harbin Wu Ji Lao Hao Jiu Lou (Harbin Wu’s Time-honored Restaurant)
The authentic Dongbei food is the highlight of this so popular local restaurant.
Specialities: pork bone, mashed potato
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Dazhijie branch: No.208, Xidazhi Jie, Nan Gang District
Gongjianjie branch: No.57, Gongjian Jie, Nan Gang Ditrict

Da Feng Shou
Not only the food but also the decoration of this restaurant is full of flavor from the northeast China. On the other hand, you may be lucky to watch a local show of Er Ren Zhuan when dining.
Average cost: CNY50 per person
Address: No.283, Yiman Jie, Nan Gang District

Lao Shang Hao Sha Guo Ju (Lao Shang Hao Casserole)
It is a good choice to have the hot casserole when you go there in winter.
Average cost: CNY20 per person
Zhongyang branch: No.98, Zhong Yang Da Jie, Dao Li District
Guogeli branch: No.238, Guo Ge Li Da Jie, Nan Gang District

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