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Yangshuo Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning offers a overlook of Yangshuo's karst scenery, which is spectacular from the ground, but nothing compares to floating above it. You will be delighted by the hundreds of vertical sided hills, rivers, traditional villages and the patchwork of small farms.

Your adventure, with the security of our Chinese Australian ballooning company, includes return transfers from your hotel in luxury vehicles. Flights are approximately 60 minutes but may be cancelled, with a full refund, in the unlikely event of bad weather.

Your driver and guide will drive you to Hongqi Pier, from where the balloon embarks. There are two types of flights available and both can be booked from China Fact Tours.

Tethered flight
The hot air balloon is anchored to the ground by a rope and is let out slowly. You will float up gently and be able to watch the scenery transform as you ascend. This option is particularly favored for those who are scared of the thought of flying up too high. Generally these flights last about 15 minutes and reach approximately 100 meters.

Free flight
The hot air balloon flies for about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the thermals. The pilots are all experts and have many years experience piloting the balloons around the region. Be ready to skim the tops of the mandarin orchards, meander through karst peaks and soar high above the landscape reaching heights of 1500 meters on this memorable balloon ride.

Matters Need Attention

Though hot air ballooning is known as one of the safest sports in the sky, people with certain conditions should not take a flight. Please see the following:

- Heart Disease
- Epilepsy
- Pregnant women (more than 4 months)
- Drunken people
- Bad physical and psychological condition

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