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Useful Harbin Guide

Useful numbers help you to trave around Harbin city freely and eaily.

Transportion Phone Numbers:
Harbin Taiping International Airport
Tel: 0451-82894220/82894230/82894219

CAAC Booking Office
Tel: 0451-82651188/84506688

Railway Stations
Harbin Railway Station:
Tel: 0451-95105688

Harbin Eastern Railway Station
Tel: 0451-86464162

Bus Stations
Tel: 0451-53640770

Taxi Company
Inquiry: 0451-88381537
Complaint: 0451-84517488

Bus Company
Complaint: 0451-55622813

Top Hospitals Numbers
First Harbin Medical University College Hospital  
Tel: 0451-53643849   

Second Harbin Medical University College Hospital  
Tel: 0451-86605612

Forth Harbin Medical University College Hospital  
Tel: 0451-82576888

Harbin Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tel: 0451-88029599        

First Hospital of Harbin
Tel: 0451-84883003   

Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital
Tel: 0451-88025555

Harbin Red Cross Center Hospital
Tel: 0451-84886601

Top Banks, ATM and Money Change
Mostly money exchange at large hotels. Most of the main banks has ATM machine for RMB cash.

Bank of China in Harbin
Tel: 0451-53626447/53647022

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Harbin
Tel: 0451-84668772

Agricultural Bank of China in Harbin   
Tel: 0451-86208846

China Construction Bank in Harbin
Tel: 0451-53619061

Public Security Bureau
Tel: 0451-87661411

Emergency Numbers
Dial these free emergency numbers directly with any fixed and mobile phones anytime and anywhere when in an emergency:
110  Call police for help in any danger
119  Dial for fire and other disaster
120  Call for an ambulance
122  Dial for a traffic accident

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