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Tips of LGBT China Tours for Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transsex Travelers

Homosexuality is not an aberrant blip in Chinese history, since ancient records of 1700 years ago during the western Han Dynasty, (206 B.C. - 9 A.D.), nearly all the male emperors were recorded as had male lovers. In the ancient times, the attitude towards this was tolerant as long as men fulfilled their duty to marry a lady and carry on the family line.

China’s long literary tradition offers many elegant references to socially accepted gay and leibian relationships in the ruling classes. In modern China, the government decriminalized homosexuality in 1997 and it is not viewing as a form of metal illness in 2001. China’s gay scene is blooming with the growing of GLBT organizations, legal services, events and festivals around the country.

Despite all this progress, gay marriages are not recognized in China. But if you are a tourists or travelers, just come China and have an enjoyable time in this discreetly gay-friendly country.

Which city to visit & Night Activity

In big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, gay clubs, bars, tea houses, saunas and support centers are easy to find; while in Xi’an, Dalian and Kunming, these centers are also appear. Occasionally, these locations are subject to police harassment. So we do recommend you visit these above-said cities and find the proper night entertainment. And please note that country dwellers in China do not often speak of homosexuality, and when they do, it is usually considered a disease due to the limited access to internet.

Where to stay on LGBT China Tours

There are no specifically "gay" hotels in China, but many are gay-friendly and will arrange double room service for 2 male/female guests. There is wide range of choices available depending on your taste and budget. Many international brands such as Hilton, Sheraton, Holiday-inn and Shangri-la have locations in China.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transsex China Tours on Access China Travel

Access China Travel offers specially arranged GLBT china tours for Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transsexual travelers. We will show you the most incredible sites by including gay-friendly hotels and restaurants as well as kind and professional tour guide and driver in the travel program. We offer private tours so that you don't need to travel a large group and people.

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